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Your financial support can help change the life & future for the women and their children at Path of Grace. 


To ensure the continued recovery of the women and reunite mothers with their children, Path of Grace has plans to develop Serenity Village.  The development of Serenity Village will begin on the first 2 acres of the property with 13 transitional cottages and a chapel. Serenity Village transitional cottages will be for women who have graduated from the Path of Grace program and have children waiting to be reunited with them.  Many mothers who are in the Path of Grace program have temporarily lost their children because of their addictions.  Broken-hearted yet determined, these mothers are dedicated to rebuilding their lives so that they can be reunited with their beloved children.  This village will provide a safe alcohol and drug-free environment for graduating mothers and their children.  This environment creates a place for mothers and children to thrive together as a family again.  Path of Grace has been able to help single mothers in the past and the long terms results have been phenomenal.  To this day, every mother that has remained connected to Path Of Grace after graduating is drug/alcohol-free.  This affordable living village for the graduates ensures they remain drug/alcohol-free, remain connected to their recovery support groups, and hold down a job.  With this support from Path of Grace, the children have the opportunity to flourish under the care of their loving mother.  This community ensures generational patterns are broken as children grow up having a sober living environment.  There is no program like this across the Emerald Coast so the need for Serenity Village is paramount. 



By Mail: PO Box 9261, Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Serenity Village

Serenity Village Cottages

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Families Restored

Completion of 2 New Homes

Recently the construction of our two new homes were completed. That construction could not have been undertaken without the support and contributions of so many in our community.  We are blessed to have a community that is there to help Path of Grace expand upon its mission of bringing healing and restoration to so many lives.  Addiction to drugs and alcohol have been thieves, undermining women from living out the lives that God intended for them.  With your continued support we are able to transform lives across the Emerald Coast.

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