Path of Grace helps women achieve sobriety by redirecting their lives in recovery.  We work to liberated women's lives and restore families.




Path of Grace's mission is to help women recover from the grips of drug and alcohol addiction.  We first aim to restore the lives of the women in the program and then ensure the restoration of their relationships with their children and families. Path of Grace is currently helping 35 women achieve sobriety.  We strive to liberate and empower women's lives and restore their families.  This is a highly structured faith-based 12 step program lasting from 12 to 24 months. The program teaches women recovering from addictions on how to lead a life filled with self-respect, sincerity, and responsibility.  This program has worked for more than 9 years passionately helping women fight their addictions through a unique program, with a 100% success rate for women who graduate after 24 months in the program.  The women that participate in the Path of Grace program work daily at the Thrift Store.  Through their jobs and leadership roles at the thrift store, they are learning self-discipline and confidence.  Path of Grace is also investing in a savings plan for each residence.  This savings plan is a gift and its purpose is to give the residents a clean and fresh start as they leave Path of Grace.  This saving plan is also helpful in eliminating the financial pressures that can lead to relapse.  A resident graduating at 1 year will receive $1,500 and a resident graduating at 18 months will receive $4,800.  At Path of Grace, we believe every woman leaving the recovery program should be well equipped with the skills and tools necessary for a fresh start.


Many of the women who come to our program do not have the financial resources required to pay for rehabilitation. The cost of most recovery programs is very high - thousands of dollars per month. Even with the large operation budge at Path of Grace, we want recovery to be available for any woman who chooses freedom.  Path of Grace charges only $800 per resident for the entire period of commitment to the program. We believe that faith and time are required to restore lives and sustain recovery.

To help more women find recovery, we need your help through monetary donations.  Your financial support makes recovery possible!

Jail Ministry

Path of Grace is partnering with the Walton county jail in conducting what we call a jail ministry.  Path of Grace Assistant Directors, Brandee Anderson, and Tiffany Garner helped start this partnership and through it minister to the women inmates in the Defuniak Springs jail. Brandee and Tiffany choose three women from the Path of Grace Recovery Program to join them each week. The POG women give their testimonies to the inmates and spur conversation about recovery. At the jail, they talk and work with a different group of women every week, hoping to give them encouragement and hope.  This ministry is about promoting recovery, sharing the Word of God, and to give participating inmates the opportunity to see that recovery from addiction is possible. Our hope is that the inmates will embrace the message of recovery, carry the message of recovery and begin to find a path of grace for themselves through Jesus. 

Leadership Team 


Eddie Mansfield

Managing Director

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  Kimber Givens

Supervisor of Homes

Path of Grace Graduate
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Tiffany Garner

Assistant Managing Director

Path of Grace Graduate
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Valerie Peterson

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Brandee Anderson

Assistant Managing Director

Path of Grace Graduate
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Scarlett Horton

Christian Counseling and Coaching

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Path of Grace is now helping more women than we ever have. Our total bed count is soon to be at 35, thanks to the two new buildings and the generosity of our supporters.  It’s extremely comforting to know we can offer help to the women that need it. I’m forever grateful to all of the givers in this community that choose to be a part of this ministry. Every day I see the difference this program is making in the lives of our residents and their families as well.

Many women in the program being led to Jesus Christ. That’s the best! There’s nothing better than witnessing someone go from down and out, on drugs and alcohol, to blossoming and thriving in their walk with GOD! To me, GOD is the key to their success!

I see enthusiasm taking root here! It’s contagious! Many more will make it and many more will be saved!

With a Grateful Heart,


Path of Grace Leadership

Campus 860

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Kayla Huse

Campus  Manager


April Zembellas

Assistant Campus Manager


Samara Bailey

Assistant Campus Manager

Campus 226

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Elaine Miller

House Manager


Stephanie Pate

Assistant House Manager

Campus 64


Jimese Johnson

House Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Paul Jones / President 

  • Jack Anthony

  • John Crunk

  • Debbie Speigner

  • Eddie Mansfield / Managing Director

  • Charles McMurtry

  • Danon McMurtry

  • Janine Stouse

  • Maurice Stouse