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Catherine Scott

I was an alcoholic who lost everything including my relationships. I just knew I had to quit drinking and start rebuilding my life.  By the grace of God and my sister who knew Eddie, I came to the Path of Grace and I found God and myself. I will always be a part of the Path of Grace. This is my heart. 

Kim Adkinson pic.jpg

Kim Adkinson

Path of Grace not only saved my life and help me to live a productive and sober life, but it also helped me build a personal and intimate relationship with God. Before I came into the program I was literally knocking on deaths door. Now, I’m living a life free from the chains of addiction and oppression. I will forever be grateful to God for opening the door that got me to the Path of Grace. 

Sabrina Hammonds pic.jpg

Sabrina Hammonds

I was broken and looking for something to fill the empty hole I had inside. A friend reached out to me that was associated with Path of Grace and I started a new way of life. I completely surrender everything to God when I got to Path of Grace. Today I live a free life full restoration with my family and my beautiful daughter. 

Brittany Berryman pic.jpg

Brittany Berryman

Path of Grace provided me with an outpouring of support, guidance, and the truth of a loving God. Through the friendships I made and the character I developed during my time here, not only did I change, but my entire life did as well. I went from nearly dying on my bedroom floor to now managing a business while pursuing my dream to open my own music therapy practice. Today I have a joy that I didn't even know I was missing. I am blessed and honored to be part of this group of women in recovery.

Shannon Messer pic.jpg

Shannon Messer

My drug of choice was meth, but then again everything was my drug of choice. I was suicidal and had no hope. I wanted people to save me not knowing that Jesus is the only one that can save me. Coming to the Path of Grace I found hope and I choose to live happy, joyous and free through Jesus Christ. 

Britt Mccardle pic.jpg

Britt McCardle

God turned my shame into compassion and purpose... He has removed death and darkness from my mind and shows me in every small detail that He intends to use ALL things for good. 

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