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Where You Never Walk Alone

Since 2009, the Path of Grace has offered the promise of hope to women who struggle with addiction from drugs and alcohol. We are a nonprofit organization providing a faith-based, long-term, sober living environment for women to recover from substance abuse. 


The Path of Grace’s mission is to offer a structured and protected setting for women who are ready to change their lives. We aim to help our residents restore relationships, build self-confidence, and prepare for a successful future. Our program has proven to be highly effective. We have helped several hundred women find lasting freedom from addiction.


The Path of Grace is currently helping approximately 50 women achieve sobriety. We are a highly structured residential program lasting from 16 – 24 months. We emphasize on Christ-centered teachings and sponsorship through Alcoholics Anonymous. We believe both are crucial for lifelong recovery.

Liberate Lives

Restore Families

Empower Women

 Thank You For Your Support

We are excited to announce that the recent construction of 8 new homes is now complete.

Your Help Is Still Needed

When graduating Path of Grace the residents are faced with a major decision that will directly affect their recovery.  Will they stay in the Destin area where they have a strong recovery base or return home.  Even though many of the women want to stay in the area and remain connected with Path of Grace, they financially do not have the resources to do so.  This is especially true of women who have children to support. The cost of living is can be significantly higher in Destin and the surrounding area than other places in the country.  This presents a major dilemma and creates tremendous pressure for the women exiting the Path of Grace program. Women with children are often faced with little options on how to support themselves and their children as they continue to focus on staying sober.  To ensure the continued recovery of the women and reunite mothers with their children, Path of Grace has plans to develop Serenity Village.  This Village will be transitional cottages for women who have graduated from the Path of Grace program and have children waiting to be reunited with them. This Village will be an environment for mothers and children to thrive together as a family again.  There is no program like this across the Emerald Coast, so the need for Serenity Village is paramount!  We are ready to build 5 more homes as soon as the funds are available.


St. Joe Company Foundation Grant for Serenity Village


Wish List

Path of Grace

  • 15 Passenger Van ($50,000) Donation Received!

  • 12 Passenger Van ($42,000)

  • 8 Passenger Van ($38,000)

  • Smile Big Fund

Serenity Village​

  • Landscaping ($2,900 per cottage) Donation Received!

  • Playground Equipment ($5,000) Donation Received!

  • Outdoor Grill and Gazebo ($12,000)

  • Fire Pit ($5,000)

Crown of Beauty​

  • Floor Remodel ($30,000)

  • Large Bathroom Remodel ($15,000)

Path of Grace not only saved my life and help me how to live a productive and sober life, but it also helped me build a personal and intimate relationship with God.  Now, I’m living a life of freedom from the chains of addiction and oppression. I will forever be grateful to God for opening the door that got me to Path of Grace. 

God turned my shame into compassion and purpose... He has removed death and darkness from my mind and showed me in every small detail that He will use ALL things for good. 

Path of Grace provided me with an outpouring of support, guidance, and the truth of a loving God. Through the friendships I made and the character I developed during my time here, not only did I change, but my entire life did as well.  Today I have a joy that I didn't even know I was missing. 

Britt McCardle

Path of Grace Graduate

Kim Adkinson

Path of Grace Graduate

Brittany Berryman

Path of Grace Graduate

A Crown of Beauty copy 2 copy copy copy.


Crown of Beauty is a sister program modeled identically to Path of Grace.

Miramar Beach Store

10962 U.S. Highway 98 W \  Tel: 850.654.8500


Monday - Saturday:  9:30am - 5pm   

Sunday: 12:15pm - 5pm

Panama City Thrift Store

509 23rd Street

Tel: 850.215.2018  \ 850.215.2023

Path of Grace Program Office

PO Box 9261, Miramar Beach, FL 32550 \ Tel. 850.974.4573

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